Study 21. The Critical-Philology-Paradigm and Our ādhyātmika Tradition,

Author: Sati Shankar

Book: Scientific Aspects of Vedic Knowledge Edited by Prof Shashi Tiwari ISBN: 978-81-772-431-0 Publishing Date: 2018

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Language: English, Sanskrit, Hindi

Study 31. Some Aspects of the Economics of Unfair means in Examinations,

Author: S S D Pandey

Book: Studies in Educational Development Vol.I Edited by Devendra Thakur ISBN: 81-7629-495-0, (6 Vols-Set) Reprint, 3758 p, 6 volumes,

Publishing Date: 2004

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Book: Trafficking In Drugs And Economic Theory

Author: S S D Pandey ISBN: 8185694109 ISBN-13: 9788185694108, 978-8185694108

Publishing Date: 1994

Publisher: Ganga Kaveri Publishing House

Language: English