nā tvaham kāmaye rājayam na svarga nāpunarbhavam|kāmaye dukhataptānām prānināmārtināśanam| “I do not for a royal realm aspire,For release or for paradise.To serve those bent with grief I desire,and calm their sorrows and help them rise.”


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2019...Vedic Agni ~ book in progress


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2017...Vedic Agni ~ in progress


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On Pollockism Revised version of On Pollock-ism: A purva paksha on Prof.Pollock's Methodologies, Swadeshi Indology, First Conference held at IIT Madras, Chennai on 6,7and 8th July 2016. submitted to © Infinity Foundation, 2016; On Pollock-ism: A purva paksha on Prof.Pollock's Methodologies Swadeshi Indology, First Conference held at IIT Madras, Chennai on 6,7and 8th July 2016. ©Infinity Foundation, 2016

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On mantra in The Battle for Sanskrit


How can we trust someone who does not know who he or she is? 19th Annual Conference of the Wider Association of Vedic Studies, New Delhi WAVES-India 2015

Unity of Prakriti and Purusha in Samkhya

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The Drama of Creating a Dictionary of One's Own

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Our Cosmic Existence

Seers of Rig Veda on Climate, Submitted to U.N. Global Compact: COP 15, Climate 2009, Copenhagen


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1992... Foundation of Global Synergetic